Z Flow-cell

Z Flow-cell

3D printed Z flow-cell allows easy integration and alignment of various components that are required for optical detection, such as an optical source, an optical detector, a flow-cell, and quartz lenses. The assembly provides a miniaturised optical detector that can be used with any conventional liquid-based system, such as HPLC, IC, FIA, etc.



The flow-cell can be customised with different pathlengths, channel I.Ds, and for different optical source and detectors. The current price is shown for the below-mentioned options:


Channel I.D: 1 mm
Pathlength: 20 mm
LED and Photodiode Holder: Designed for 8.3 mm diameter and 6.5 mm long LEDs and Photodiodes
Inlet and Outlet Fittings: Conical 10-32 UNF fittings with compression ferrules
Windows: 10 mm diameter and 1 mm thick lenses

Material: Polyacrylate composite
Any Accessories (LED, Photodiode, Lenses, and Fittings): No
Assembly and Quality Control Report: No