Radial Flow-cell

Radial Flow-cell

SKU: FC-R-700

3D printed radial flow-cell provides a more reproducible and high-performance alternative to the conventional spiral shaped chemiluminescence flow-cells. The flow-cell has proved to increase the chemiluminescence signal intensity and peak area for luminol and hydrogen peroxide system by 60% and 90%, respectively, as compared to its spiral counterpart. More information on this flow-cell can be obtained from the article published in Analytica Chimica Acta (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aca.2017.12.039).


The flow-cell can be customised with different channel I.Ds and number of radial arms, and for different photodetectors and thread types. The current price is shown for the below-mentioned options:


Channel I.D: 700 microns

Number of Radial Channels: 16

Photodetector: 10 mm diameter PMT

Threads: 1/4 UNF female threads.

Material: Polyacrylate composite

Accessories: Not included (Flow-cell covers and mixers can be purchased separately)