Bifurcating chemiluminescence flow-cell with in-situ mixer

Bifurcating chemiluminescence flow-cell with in-situ mixer

SKU: BFC-2P-7F110

This bifurcating chemiluminescence flow-cell is designed for rectangular photomultiplier tube. It allows intstaneous distribution of chemiluminescence products over the entire detection window. The flow-cell also consists of an in-situ mixer that elliminates the need for an external mixer. t allows in-situ mixing within the detection region to maximise the chemiluminescence signal intensity. More information about a similar bifurcating flow-cell can be obtained from the article published in Analytica Chimica Acta (DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2017.12.039)


The flow-cell can be customised with different channel I.Ds, number of bifurcating arms, type of mixer, etc., and for different photodetectors and thread types. The current price is shown for the below-mentioned options:


Channel I.D: 0.7 mm

Number of Bifurcating Channels: 3

Type of Mixer: Point merge

Photodetector: 20 mm long PMT

Threads: 1/4 UNF female threads

Material: Polyacrylate composite