Cooling Interface for LED-based detector

Cooling Interface for LED-based detector


LED-based detectors are a great way to miniaturise your analytical platforms for point-of-care applications. This 3D printed detector interface allows easy plug-and-play assembly of such a detector while simultaneously cooling your LED to obtain maximum performance out of it.


This interface consists of a circular channel that is tightly wrapped around the LED to provide active liquid cooling. The various components of a detector, such as LED, flow-cell, and photodetector can be easily integrated in a plug-and-play fashion. The interface has proved to improve the performance of the detector by reducing the LED temperature up to 22 ºC, increasing the spectral output up to 34%, decreasing the required stabilisation time up to sixfold, and reducing the baseline noise and limits of detection by a factor of 2. More information on this interface can be obtained from our article published in Analytical Chemistry (


The interface can be customised for different LEDs, photodetectors, flow-cells, and connectors. The current price is shown for the below-mentioned options:


LED: Optan 255 nm UV-LED

Flow-cell: Agilent High Sensitivity Detection Cell

Photodetector: TOCON photodiode

Material: Polyacrylate composite