3D Serpentine LC Column Body

3D Serpentine LC Column Body

SKU: 3DSRLC-10F130

The 3D serpentine column geometry has resulted in a 58% reduction in the analysis time and 74% increase in the peak capacity for the isocratic separations of the small molecules and the gradient separations of proteins, respectively. More information about the column can be obtained from the article published in Analytical Chemistry (DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.7b03778)


The column can be customised with different channel I.D, the number of turns, thread types, and print material. The current price is shown for the below-mentioned options:


Channel I.D: 1 mm

Column length: 30 cm

The number of turns: ~100 turns of 0.5 aspect ratio each.

Threads: 1/4 UNF female threads.

Material: Polyacrylate composite